Kane Patterson, metabolic precision trainer

Kane Patterson

Hi my name is Kane Patterson, I have worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer since the start of 2013.

I started out just like any other trainer new to the industry, keen to help people change their body shape.

After doing a course called Metabolic Precision I now look at Body Transformation a different way, the skills I have learnt from doing Metabolic Precision gives me the nutritional knowledge and science based training to really help other people achieve the best body they can and keep it.



Metabolic Precision Level 1 - Metabolic Nutritionist

Metabolic Precision Level 2 - Body Transformation Specialist

Metabolic Precision Level 3 - Sports and Athletic Conditioning Coach

Nutritional quality dictates workout put, intensity, recorvery capacity and therefore the adaptations (results) we desire.


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